Wednesday, 7 January 2009

They bread like rabbits

We had a couple of new additions to our family last year in the shape of 2 rabbits - one for Amber and one for Bryce. Of course Amber wanted a girl and Bryce wanted a boy. Jamie purchased them from the pet shop a couple of weeks apart, both girls not wanting any baby bunnies and the fighting that males do. Amber’s is a light brown with some white lop eared rabbit that she called 'Stella Bella'. Bryce’s is a black with a couple of brown patches lop eared rabbit that he called 'Night Rider'. As it turns out, Night Rider is a boy..........

The above extract was what I put in my Christmas newsletter.

Let's cut to the present. But a little bit of back story first.

Stella Bella took to digging holes under the fence everywhere and I spent weeks stopping her from doing it. Finally she dug a hole under the cubby house. Jamie said to leave it as they aren't digging anywhere else. I suppose there's some logic in that. Both rabbits where in and out of that hole on a regular basis, now digging under the fence.

Then we notice Stella Bella filling her mouth up with grass and taking it into the hole. Looks like she's nesting. The rabbits are locked up at night, I didn't think that if she'd had babies that they would survive.

New Year's day, Jamie comes inside and tells the kids to have a look in the back yard at the little grey things running around. Two baby bunnies. Yeah, cute. The kids think it's great. They see 3 rabbits, I've only seen 2.

A couple of days ago the neighbour over the back tells the kids the bunnies are in his yard. So I hatched a plan to catch them. I'd noticed that around 5.00 they would come out from under the cubby to eat and they would wander to other parts of the garden. I got a calico bag and taped the opening to the cubby house and then covered the bottom with bits of bark. I then chased the rabbits one at a time into the bag, got them out of the bag and put them in the hutch. Easy.

Apparently there's still a baby bunny on the loose in the neighbours yard. Can't do much about that until it's back on our side of the fence.

Stella Bella had been looking very pregnant again the last few days. This morning both rabbits disappeared under the cubby when I let them out. It rained for most of the morning, when I finally saw them again, both of them were wet and muddy. I think she's had more babies. She doesn't look as fat and Night Rider has other thoughts on his mind. If you get my drift. So I've separated them. I need to find accommodation for them both. At the moment, it's one is in the hutch the other is out.

But there is a flaw in this. There is still this hole under the cubby that they disappear into and I can't get them out of.


  1. OMG...what on earth are you going to do

  2. Oh dear! Sounds like Night Rider needs to stop riding!

  3. Hello Gillian! Just needed to check out your blog as you have the same name as my eldest daughter!! She is 9 and just loves her name!! Hope your fits as well to you as hers does to her!! Neat blog!

  4. Hey!! your blog looks great! u gonna go hunting wabbits tonight? lol, just remember, be vewy vewy quiet!!!!!