Thursday, 16 July 2009

Very random thoughts

Oh, this is so random.

You know how your mind wanders don't!'s just me........I see........I don't believe you.........well, anyway.......

While I was driving like a Melbournite (because that's the only way to drive in Melbourne) to the Pink concert on Tuesday night (which was very good) my mind wandered (not the best thing to do whilst driving in Melbourne traffic, I made a couple of wrong turns) to the Twilight books and the term 'driving like a Cullen'. My mind then wandered onto the 'what if's'. What if the books were based in Australia? What would they eat? We don't have bears and mountain lions. And if they ate a koala how would it affect them? Would they get sleepy because of the eucalyptus in the koala's blood? Or maybe they'd just be really dopey for a while, like they were stoned or drunk.

Oh, and something else that's very random. When I look at blogs and I see the 'followers' gadget on the side, a tune fills my head. What tune you are asking? Are you sure you want this tune wedgie for the rest of the day? Well, you asked for it.......
"Follow me,
everything is alright,
I'll be the one to tuck you in at night,
and if you follow me,
I can guarantee,
you won't find nobody else like me."


  1. Hmm...I reckon Emmet would go for a crocodile, & I think Edward would enjoy an Emu lol Tho Edward stoned would be funny to watch lol

    Oh yeah, and thanks for the Uncle Kracker're a gem lol

  2. I'm all about tune wedgies today.

  3. yes, my mind wanders too....quite a bit where Robward is concerned! ;)
    I like the croc & emu suggestions lol!! great read.