Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Look what I found

I thought I had lost these.

I remembered picking up all my ticket stubs and moving them about 1-2 years ago. But where to? I couldn't recall. I was thinking that maybe I had tossed them. Then Sunday I was going through a box and found them along with quite a few other stubs.

Can you believe the price of these tickets?

He was an awesome performer.

Out of the 2 concerts, the 1987 one holds the most memories. I met a girlfriend and a friend of hers at Olympic Park. I travelled by train to Melbourne and was then staying at my friends place. I had an overnight bag with me. We had general admittance tickets. While waiting we made plans to meet at a landmark if we were to get split up during the concert - lucky we did. Rumors where going down the line that security would be doing bag and body searches. My friend had her camera and a tape recorder with her. They searched bags but no body searches. My friend had her tape recorder down the front of her pants. When we got through the gates of Olympic Park everyone ran to get as close to the stage as possible. I ran on ahead of my friend and then realised she wasn't with me. I turned and called out to her to run. She yelled back to me that she couldn't. Her tape recorder had slipped down the front of her pants and was in the crotch of her pants, so she couldn't run. She taped the concert. I still have that tape. We ended up being separated by the start of the concert. Those people that arrived late were trying to push their way to the front. By the end of the night, I was 2 people off the barrier. Very, very, very close to the stage.

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